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extreme_nerdery's Journal

Extreme Nerdery
The Internets.
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Metal, games, punk, zombies, caffiene, and tits.

Metal. Video games. Perfect tits. Science fiction. Caffeine. D&D. Big ass robots. Zombies. Shaving. pwning b1tch3z. Swords & guns. Growing your hair out. Mythology. Band shirts. Joining the football team. Chainsaws. Arcades. Guitar solos. Übercharges. Disgustingly powerful computers. Getting a tan. Hot chicks with perfect tits, swords and guns in big ass robots pwning b1tch3z. Programming. Vikings. Comics. Being a douchebag. Philosophy. Corpsepaint. Action figures. HDTVs. Noodles. Legos. William Murderface, Murderface, Murderface. Astrology. Thick sub sandwiches. Explosions. Blast beats. HAL 9000. Beards. Scientology. Horror movies. Ninjas. Beer. Adobe Photoshop. Wires. The DHARMA Initiative. Meat. Quantam mechanics. Crossing the streams. Greasy fast food. Deep crows. Steel-toed boots. Ladder matches. Peanuts. Denim and leather. Pirates. Anime. Politicians. Weighted Companion Cubes. SPAAARTAAA! Spiked gauntlets. Pie. Maybe Black Mesa? The Screw Attack. Death by Snu Snu. Chocolate donuts with those yummy sprinkles. Nuclear lolocaust.

Hardcore punk and hardcore gaming. Heavy metal and Heavy Weapons Guy.
This is what we are. Extreme nerds. Basically, a place for Powerglove fans.

Haven't you ever noticed how most gamers seem to love metal? How about how most metalheads love video games? Or how Gordon Freeman kills aliens and robots with a crowbar whilst looking and being incredibly geekish? Doesn't that seem like a strange coincidence to you?

We thought so too. And so, Extreme Nerdery was born.

We strive to fight the image of the nerd as a pimply loner who will never get laid and of the metalhead as a brainless satanic freak. None of us has ever killed anyone or ourselves under the influence of Judas Priest or Counter-Strike. We simply exist, and enjoy the splendor provided through the art of extreme music and gaming. And, y'know, sci-fi movies and hot babes and stuff.

We are extreme_nerdery.


1. This place is for male AND female extreme nerds. We would like to just get this out of the way immediately: this place is not sexist. We know there are female nerds and metalheads out there, so please, do not feel excluded from our grandiose celebration of how fucking goofy we all are.

2. Make an entrance. Every member must make an introduction post telling us a bit about them, their tastes in music and games/other nerdy activities, and anything else you feel we should know. In time we might switch to a slightly more organised application a la metal_community, but for now this should hopefully keep out the douchebags.

3. No pr0n. If you absolutely must post some, post it somewhere else and link to it with a clear warning that the link is NSFW.

4. Questions and concerns? Direct your queries and suggestions to simonburnett3@googlemail.com.

5. D-bags are crossed out up there for a reason. It should go without saying, but don't be a douchebag, an asshat, or a shitcock. I'm not saying this place should be PG or whatever, but be polite to the other members and don't flame them mindlessly (flame them intelligently instead).

6. Be proud to be weird. Promote this place. We don't want it dying.

Founder/Moderator/Zombie-slayer extrodinaire: simonb3
Moderator/Bestower of mighty Headshots upon n00bs: aiden_macleod